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Sunset Beach

Shouted love at the Sunset Beach. Whether it’s in summer or halfway through the winter, going to the beach is a perfect romantic date idea. Sunset Beach will promise your fabulous beach date, sitting on the sand and get some sun or playing volley ball (installed valley ball net) and so on, it has a parlor that deals with great food, original cocktails, icy cold beer and party spaces in the area. And as the name suggests, the beach’s sun set is wonderfully stunning as it used the movie “Nada Sousou”(Sep’06 released) in the one scene. Just imagine your friends or family get together and hangout all day at the beach, and spend great time with them while talking wouldn’t be too bad. And Sunset Beach is located across from camp


Lester, right next to Mihama American Village. It’s public recreation beach and parking area is available. Open hours 9:00 to 18:00.

Sunset Beach

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