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mimigaaMimigaa, the ear of a pig, is one of Okinawan side dishes served in restaurants that few westerners think as a real food, but it’s rich in proteins and collagen that are considered good for maintaining a healthy skin.

“Mimi” means ear and “Gaa” is skin in Okinawa dialect. Mimigaa originates from China, and a similar dish is available in China and Taiwan where it’s called “Tsu-Jii.” In Okinawa, people eat mimigaa with vinegar or Ponzu sauce. Some people stir-fry it with vegetables.

The texture of mimigaa is chewy and crunchy. Mimigaa jerky is a popular snack in Okinawa that is produced by Okiham Co. Okiham is best known as a local company that makes ham, sausages and other processed food products. Mimigaa jerky is available at grocery shops and convenience stores throughout Okinawa. There’s also a spicy variation of it that is a good match to cold Orion beer.

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