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Big 1

big1Big 1 is a discount retailer that sell just about everything what one would want, including food, school supplies, electronic products, household goods, pet food, and soft and alcoholic drinks. It’s like a little Walmart or Target. The motto of the store is “Always reasonable price for good quality goods!” And considering the crowds, most of the public seems to agree.

Big 1 has been in business since 1984, and now the company has 11 shops in Okinawa Prefecture; in Oroku and Mekaru in Naha city, Gusukuma in Urasoe, Aichi in Ginowan, Misato, Yamauchi and Kaiho in Okinawa City, Midori-machi in Uruma, and Higashi in Nago. They also have Miyako and Ishigaki island branches. Their yellow buildings are easy to spot. There are usually plenty of customers in their stores that are bulging with merchandise.


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