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Yabuji Island

Yabuji is an uninhabited island made of Ryukyu limestone located 200 meters off Yonashiro. A legend says the first human being on Okinawa was a goddess, and that a cave located at the western edge of Yabuji Island was the home of the goddess. The legend further notes that the goddess lived in the cave with her pet dog, the first domesticated animal in Okinawa. The cave has long been considered to be a holy place where people worship and pray for safety and good harvests. Some of the oldest earthenware pottery remains found in Okinawa have been unearthed from the cave. The artifacts trace to the early Jomon period up to 10,000 years ago. Yabuchi has no permanent residents, although there are fields that are cultivated. It is said that every house that was ever built on the island burned down because the ancient spirits did not want earthly neighbors.



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