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Izena Island

Izena Island is located in the East China Sea, about 27km north of the main island of Okinawa. The island group includes also three uninhabited islands: Gishikawa, Yonaha and Koshin. Two cone-shaped mounds, Chijindake at 119m, and Ounoyama at 120m above sea level, are located to the East and West of the island respectively, and gently sloped fields where people grow sugar cane extend from the mounds. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and is the number one producer of Mozuku (a type of sea weed) in Okinawa. Izena Island, with its total lack of Habu snakes, is regarded as a low-lying island that holds the key to the distribution theory of Habu. Those three uninhabited islands are popular for camping, diving and fishing. Izena is also widely known as the birthplace of “King Shoen,” of the second dynasty of the Ryukyu kingdom. Many cultural assets exist in Izena where both history and nature are entwined. In 1939 the island administration was separated from Iheya village, and since that time has been called Izena village.

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