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KachashiKachashi is a festive folk dance in Okinawa usually performed at the end of a festival or party and accompanied with a sanshin. Kachashi is a very common way to end a wedding party or a festival.

It’s easy to dance. Basically, you just need to raise your hands up over your head and wave them from left to right and back to the tune of the melody.

Kachashi means mixing in Okinawan dialect, and that’s exactly what the dance looks.

The traditional way to dance Kachashi is to first extend arms up in the air, men with fists closed and women with hands open. Second, like swinging a door open, the hands turn the right with the arms waving to the right. Next, like closing the door, the hands face to the left with arms waving to the left, too.

Then, repeat this movement over and over. Some people add foot dance moves when they dance.



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