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Kunindanakamichi, officially known as Road 24 in Kume, Naha City,  connects Kume and Matsuyama and was given a design for cars and  pedestrians. “Kuninda” is Kume in Okinawa dialect, ”naka” means  ”middle” and “michi” is a path or road. So the road’s name  translated in English is “Kume’s middle path.” The two main  crossings have Kume “hatagashira” (banner pole) marks painted on the  road, and the sidewalks are embedded with plaques depicting the  history of Kume. The sidewalks are lined with “totem poles” of  dragons with names of the Chinese who moved to Kume during the  Ryukyu Era written on them in addition to the 36 family names that  originated from Kume.



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