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Kijimuna restaurant is the birthplace of ever evolving tasty dish, "Omu-Taco".
Served with plenty of toppings to choose from you can order your Taco-Rice just the way you like it!!

Exteriorour signature dish "Omu-Taco" features a fluffy egg on Taco-Rice that is prepared with Kijimuna's original special meat.
It is a simple dish that has become a favorite throughout all of Japan with its popularity spread through customers' word of mouth,
because Omu-Taco is truly delicious!
The secret of its popularity is Kijimuna's original meat that is seasoned with our original mix of tens of spices.
We serve Omu-Taco, and Taco Rice with ample vegetables. Each dish inspires your taste buds in unforgettable
way even if you have only on small bite of this dish.
There are plenty of toppings to choose from including bacon and mozzarella cheese, and that lets you to arranges the dish in any way you like.
We also serve not-overly-spicy TacoRice for kids, so, you can have a peace of mind even if you visit Kijimuna with your whole family.
You can enjoy the original genuine Omu-Taco Taco Rice taste only at Kijimuna!!

Address904-0155, 9-1 Mihama, Chatan town Depot Island BLDG C 2F
Open Open 11:30 ~ 22:00   Close
Phone098-989-5100   FAX
Capacity40   Parking
etcChild OK
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