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Cafe Pine Tree Bless Shintoshin branch

-カフェ パインツリーブレス 新都心店-

SOUTHNaha Area
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Cafe Pine Tree Bless takes pride on our curry soup, simmered curry, and pizzas served piping hot from our own oven.

Shintoshin branch is available up to 50 people. Please feel free to call for more details.

Pine Tree Bless Beef CurryOur lunch costs ¥980, and you can choose either curry or pasta including salad bar, drink bar and soft cream ice.
You can choose the spiciness of your meal, order additional toppings and extra volume of rice.
At lunchtime only the Special Lunch Menu is available, which is very reasonably priced Cafe Pine Tree Bless recommends a dinner starts with a pizza grilled for about one minute in our 420℃ pizza oven.Two kinds of pizza, Naples-style and crispy, are available.
Pasta is prepared only after receiving your order, so Pine Tree Bless pasta is always served hot.
our Shintoshin branch is in a quiet residential area where you can enjoy sweet ambience.
Pine Tree Bless's homemade cakes and scone are famous for their superior taste among our customers.
Some items are available for a take out.
Come and spend quality time at Cafe Pine Tree Bless!

Address900-0004, 3-6-1 Mekaru, Naha city
Open 11:30 ~ 22:00 (L.O. 21:30)   Close
Phone098-951-2020   FAX
Capacity36   Parking16
etcChild OK
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