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The No. 1 Okinawa Soba in carefree old Okinawan ambience from 1960's and 1970's!!

Kamezen Special Soba The no. 1 Okinawa Soba, "Kamezen Soba" is perfected! We use a little chewy thin noodles in a broth made of thoroughly boiled genuine Okinawa Agu pig and chicken bones spiced with superb skipjack tuna flakes for flavor.
Toppings include boiled gristle soki meat (spare ribs), or tebichi (pig knuckles) that are cooked to superb tenderness that fills your mouth.
We want to give you a genuine healthy Okinawan eating experience in an unique old ambience served by our experienced staff.
Feel Okinawan nostalgia eating Okinawa Soba and other Chanpuru-dishes!

Address904-0115, 9-1 Mihama Depot Island C BLDG 2F, Chatan Town
Open 11:30 ~ 24:00 (L.O. 23:00)   Close
Phone098-926-6633   FAX
Capacity   Parking
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