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Okonomiyaki Oshino


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Not many restaurants on Okinawa specialize in Okonomi-yaki and Monja-yaki dishes!

Okonomi-YakiOkonomi-yaki and Monja-yaki restaurant Oshino is located in the American Village in Mihama, Chatan.
Inside the restaurant there is a nostalgic Japanese-style space that is modeled in the early Showa-era style

It’s in a way funny juxtaposition between the American ambience of the American Village and the traditional Japanese style space.
Oshino has several original dishes in its menu, such as “American Depot-Yaki” or “Mexican-Yaki.” And besides that, various dishes such as Teppan-yaki using Okinawan special pork, “Aguu” are offered.

Address9-12 Mihama, American Depot Bldg 2F, Chatan town, 904-0115
Open 12:00 ~ 23:30 (L..O. 22:30)   Close
Phone098-936-0607   FAX098-936-0607
Capacity40 seats   ParkingAmerican Depot's large parking area
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