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IMG_1932[2]‘Aburamiso’ is a traditional Okinawan condiment. ‘Abura’ means oil and ‘miso’ is bean paste. It’s called ‘andansuu’ in Okinawan dialect. People used to make aburamiso in their homes but nowadays it’s sold in all grocery stores.

It’s very easy to make. You just need to mix and cook miso and lard, and add sugar and sake. Sliced pork on meat can be used instead of lard. It’s usually eaten on the top of a bowl of rice or in inside ‘onigiri’ (rice ball). All convenience stores sell ‘Aburamiso-onigiri’ that cost between ¥100 to ¥120.

Aburamiso is often mixed with pork meat to make preserved food that does not spoil easily in Okinawa’s hot and humid climate. In some areas of Okinawa people also use aburamiso with fish, shellfish, or octopus.

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